• 28Aug

    Fun weekend

    Bad news first: my computer died! I am gutted. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t in the midst of finishing revisions on my 2nd novel!!! Ugh, Doctor O’Neill tried to fix it—thank god I travel with my very own computer tech consultant—but it was unfixable. Grrr! I hate computers!

    But onto the fun stuff: Friday night we went to dinner at our good friend Amanda’s sister’s house. She and her husband have a fleet of luxury cars that they rent out to visiting high rollers and film crews etc, and they have a fabulous house! They designed it themselves, with one especially unique (some might say bizarre) attribute: every bedroom is fitted with a bathtub and toilet — IN the room! No wall, no curtains, just potty, tub, flat screen TV, and luxe bed! It seems kind of cool, but Amanda pointed out that it’s a bit odd when you need the toilet and someone could walk in at any moment! Haha. But we had a great time at dinner. It always makes you feel at home when you can have a home-cooked meal with good friends.

    Saturday night we went to a lovely hole-in-the-wall Mozambiquan restaurant in Muizenberg called Carla’s.

    Most of the businesses and shops have locked gates, so we rattled the gate, hoping to get in. The proprietor (Carla) saw us, but made no effort to buzz us in for about 3 minutes. We felt like total idiots just standing outside the restaurant, hoping Carla would let us in!:). She finally seated us, left for another 15 minutes or so, then came back to the table and said, “I’m basically a port place. Do you like port?” Since it was a restaurant, I couldn’t believe they only had port — what, no food? So we said, “Sorry? What’s that?”, thinking maybe it was a Mozambiquan delicacy. She looked at us like we were crazy. Turns out, in her Afrikaans(scratch that, I just read that she’s Portuguese) accent, what we thought was “port” was actually “prawns.” Go figure. I’m allergic to prawns, but Andy said they were good. The highlight by far was the fact that Carla’s two daughters (about 8 years old) were the servers. So adorable! We gave them a big tip.

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2 Responses to “Fun weekend”

  1. la petite fashionista Says:

    seems like you’re on an amazing adventure already. can’t wait to continue living vicariously through you:P


  2. Jody Says:

    I would be down with a port only place, screw food, at least the alcohol will kill and diseases. So how is the food there, are you finding enough to eat? xoxo