• 25Nov

    We need your help!

    Hi Everyone,

    We’re facing a small problem (actually two small, cute, furry problems). Our current cat-sitting arrangement has to end in the spring for various reasons, and now we need a Plan B starting in May (or sooner, if possible). If we can’t find somewhere for Penny & Kung Fu to live, we might have to cut short our volunteer work–and that would suck!

    SO: would you (or a responsible friend) be willing to take one or both of our cats any time between January – May until mid-September 2009? We can cover vets bills (generally zilch, they’re young and healthy!), food bills (around $25/month for both of them), etc.

    About the cats:
    Penny is a fluffy calico, a bit overweight, who like to sleep on the end of your bed, eat when no one’s looking, and have her tummy rubbed.

    Pennys got a soft tummy!

    Penny's got a soft tummy!

    Kung Fu is a handsome tuxedo who loves to stretch, cuddle, and has an alarming fetish for feathery cat toys.

    Kung Fu stuck in some pants.

    Kung Fu stuck in some pants.

    They’re both huge Obama fans, both spayed/neutered, healthy, and happily house trained. They eat dry cat food and have a water fountain that keeps them going for a few days at a time. All it would take to look after them is:

    1. A place to keep a litter tray (not so gross!) and time to clean it every few days (or weeks).
    2. A friend/neighbor who can stop by and feed them every day or two if you go away.
    3. Food once or twice a day, plus extra water every few days (be prepared to get some lovin’ in return!).
    P & KF loungin on the sofa

    P & KF loungin' on the sofa

    This is what they looked like when they were teeny tiny babies!

    Happy Thanksgiving! And we’ll have another Africa related blog post soon.

    Love, Alex & Andy

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