• 23Aug

    Hey Everybody!

    We’re in Cape Town!

    So much has happened already I hardly know where to start. It’s a bit sureal. Cape Town is not at all what you think of when you think of “Africa” — at least not what we were thinking of when we made the decision to move here for a year! We’ll be staying at the ASAP flat in Muizenberg for at least three weeks, just getting settled and waiting for Priscilla (the head of ASAP) to return to CT and caravan with us up the Eastern Cape to our new home town, Mount Frere.

    Alright, what can I tell you so far… We’ve been swimming in the Indian Ocean (and by swimming I mean jumping in and out in less than 1 minute). Winter is warm in Cape Town, but it ain’t THAT warm! Overall the temp has been somewhere between 15-25 aka 55-70 degrees. It’s been pretty windy and today it rained, forcing us to cancel our proposed hike up Table Mountain.

    Probably the coooolest bit of news is that we bougth a car already! Yeehaw! We test drove about 3 cars (okay, Andy did. I was scared I’d crack under pressure w/ the whole left-side-of-the-road thing). Most of the cars on Gumtree are sputtering peices of junk, but we ended up with a 1998 Ford Fiesta, and the best part is … drum roll please … it’s pink! We can always spot it in the parking lot at the Tokai Mall, which is nice. (And yes, we have already been to the mall. Like, 3 times.)

    We call her the Mauve-a-tron.

    • Pro’s about the Mauve-a-tron: she’s pink and she seems to run pretty well.
    • Cons about the Mauve-a-tron: the emergency break doesn’t work. That might be less of a big-deal if we didn’t have to park on a hill. Good times. We’re going to have a mechanic look at it next week.

    But until then, we make a very happy family.


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18 Responses to “Hey Everybody!”

  1. Tad Richards Says:

    OK, you’re now my first RSS feed. Let’s hope I can figure out how it works.

  2. chrissy Says:

    who wants to steal a pink car anyway, i mean it’s gotta be hard to get away with that! glad to hear you guys have some time to adjust in CT. all the best, keep us posted!

  3. India Says:

    OK, first off, the title of your blog ROCKS!!
    Sounds like you’re having a great time, enjoy the mall- bet there isn’t one in Mt Frere!
    Miss & love ya!

  4. Susan Kirshenbaum Says:

    Hey, Alex and Andy–

    Great photos! Love your mauve-a-tron, …but get that emergency brake fixed. I’d be nervous about driving on the left, too. You’ll get the hang of it after a little practice. We’re leaving for Ca. on Tuesday. David’s show opens next Friday. The first preview was last night and David said it went real well. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. We’re also looking forward to seeing your mom, dad and India in Italy. I’m not sure how to sign up for your blog but thanks for alerting us. Jerry and I send love to you both, Susan

  5. natacha Says:

    that is one very nice pink car!
    enjoy every single moments of your experience.

  6. jayne Says:

    yay! you have a blog up and running again! smart to separate the two, already this one looks to be a lot of fun! glad you and andy are loving it so far, how could you not with the mauve-a-tron LOL

  7. Galen + Echo Says:

    Echo approves of the Mauve-a-tron. It matches the blueberries smeared all over her face and belly symptomatic of an impressively domestic pancake-making morning. We’re thrilled to hear things are going well, and that there will be a handy blog to keep up with all of your forthcoming adventures. love Galen, Echo (and Tom were he awake.)

  8. bruce galpert Says:

    Guess the bank strategy worked! will you be having a baby shower? I was thinking Castrol 10/40 and a pad for her occasional “leaks”. Be Safe..Bruce.

  9. Claudia Says:

    Yes, the title is great and I love the pics. The pink-mauve car is fabulous! It’ll be the hit of Mont Frere.
    MISS you both!

  10. matt Says:

    elastica says “leave the car in ear and turn the wheels to the curb”

    you better update this thing everyday if you want to justify being my new home page. Also, I have to go to the UWS today to take a picture and I’m so mad your in Africa.

  11. Andy N Says:

    Nice wheels. Mauve-a-tron looks more like a cartoon character than a savanna crossing land rover. I look forward seeing her in the future episodes of Andy and Alex’s African Adventures.

  12. klara Says:

    hey guys, good job with the pink car! enjoy your adventures and we miss you!

  13. WAT Says:

    It looks/sounds amazing! Keep in touch and us informed.

  14. Jody Says:

    Yay, your new blog is funtastic. I love your car! I can only imagine all the fun you will attract driving around mt frere in all it’s pink gloriousness. It’s getting quite chilly back on the UWS, I miss summer already.

  15. Andrew G. Says:

    Good to hear from you guys!

  16. t23e Says:

    ok, i officially updated my blog to link to your new blog. ;) also, i just want to state that you are cool. moving to Africa to volunteer just makes that all the more clear. i can’t wait to see pictures and hear about where you will actually be living!

  17. Make Do & Mend Says:

    Hurrah! how cool the new blog is up. Great to see the pics and read the info even the bug one!!

  18. Heather Frazier Says:

    Hey!!! Niiiiice job on the new blog for the Africa adventures! I looooooove the pic of you guys w/ the pink car!!! So fun! :)