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    What do 200 chickens look like?

    Livin' in a cardboard box

    Mrs Nomatchaka stopped by the office on Friday, having spent most of the day in Mthatha picking up some chicklets. She raises them and sells them, and this time had bought 100 white ones and 100 red ones to share with a friend.

    Cut to the chase: baby chickens are cute in large enough numbers.

    Two hundred chickens

    Two hundred chickens

    The red ones are apparently just raised for meat whilst the white ones can be laying hens. Because they were splitting them between two people, there was a little sorting to be done (on the porch outside our office, naturally).

    Sorting chickens for fun and profit

    Sorting chickens for fun and profit

    For those of you thinking of starting your own chicken-rearing operation in the Eastern Cape, here’s some quick facts:

    • 100 chickens cost R280 (about $28)
    • You can sell a fully grown chicken for R40-R50
    • Around 95% of the birds will make it to adulthood, barring massive infection which can wipe you out.
    • They take about six weeks to rear if you give them enough food, longer if you just let them scratch for their own food.
    • Full grown chickens are pretty ugly and smell bad.
    • Cats can be friends with chickens.
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5 Responses to “What do 200 chickens look like?”

  1. India Says:

    I can see what you’re getting at with that last remark but I’m putting my foot down, NO! Do not bring me 200 chickens!

  2. shaira Says:

    are you thinking about farming chickens when you get back to the us? I’m not sure penny and kung fu would be so friendly about it.

  3. andy Says:

    Don’t be such a bunch of spoil sports. What could possibly go wrong?

    India, do you have a chicken hutch at your place or do I need to bring my own?

  4. Dad Says:

    I think the roof at India’s place would be perfect for chickens. Home, home on the free range!

  5. kiki Says:

    they are very cute but I’m not much for grown up chickens too smelly and not very cute to look at