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    Frankenstein in the Eastern Cape?

    Andy and I heard this story on the news this morning: A taxi driver in Ngqeleni (near Mthatha) who was shot to death in 2001 has come back from the dead! Dun-dun-duunn!!! Here are a few exerpts from the article:

    The man, identified as Nkosinathi Ntente, who could no longer recall his own age, told his family that he was kidnapped by witches. He had been living in a local forest for the past eight years.

    The guy was shot in the chest during a taxi altercation in the Eastern Cape. He was issued a death certificate after his family identified the body. However, he claims that he attended his own funeral!

    “He [Ntente] told us that he saw something like a picture of himself being shot and suddenly there was blood in the car. He says he lost his mind shortly afterwards.

    Ntente told his family that while driving a taxi on the day of his “death”, he came across two women chasing someone that looked like him and hitting him. He said the women then also hit him with “something” and took him to a forest in Mqanguli.

    “I lived in a Mqanguli forest all along with a shadow. We drank people’s blood because we did not eat food. Now that I am back I cannot eat food but I can only drink water,” Ntente said during a brief interview.

    Now the family is starting to wonder who — or what — they buried.

    We also heard on the radio that the man claims that the witches finally decided to let him go because he was too powerful, and they wouldn’t be able to get him to do evil deeds for them. Fikiswa thinks they returned him because his family must have prayed very hard, and that we must all pray very hard to avoid situations like this.


    ps-April fools! (I think…)

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