• 13Oct

    Gogos Lunch

    The Gogos lunch comes once a month, and is quite a memorable event.
    The Gogos (grandmothers who ASAP and Hlomelikusasa assist) are supporting and caring for their grandchildren, usually because their own children have died from HIV/AIDS. We met in a large room at the Roman Catholic hall, sort of like a school auditorium. I can hardly explain what it was like. As we walked into the room we were greeted by 40 gogos and village health care workers singing us the Hlomelikusasa song. It’s a great song, especially when you hear it sung through these powerhouse granny voices!

    Gogos Lunch

    Gogos Lunch

    The gogos and village health care workers were so nice and welcoming. One gogo even offered to slaughter a chicken for us! We had an interesting time telling her we don’t eat meat.

    We spent about 4 hours watching them sing and dance, and tell stories of their childhood.

    Gogos dancing & storytelling

    Gogos dancing & storytelling

    The stories were hilarious—the gogos are a bunch of flirts! A bunch of their stories are about how they used to sneak their boyfriends into their bedrooms, or sneak out, BUT they also kept their legs crossed, as they had to take virginity tests on a regular basis!!! Virtinity tests have fallen by the wayside, but they are trying to reinstate them, since teen pregnancy is so high.

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4 Responses to “Gogos Lunch”

  1. Dad Says:

    NOW I understand what all those girls were doing when I was a teenager!

  2. Seraphine Says:

    that sounds like so much fun, for them as well as you. life can’t be easy, raising grandchildren who have lost their parents, even in the best of times. i’m so impressed that you are doing such great work. best wishes, alex.

  3. India Says:

    I want to hear the Hlomelikusasa song! Can you audio record or video any of these meetings, or is that total soul-stealing mojo?

  4. kiki Says:

    Sounds great it is sad that all of those grandmothers lost their children and have to take care of there grandchildren at an older age