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    Nutrition day at Hlom. And cake night for A&A!

    Village health workers waiting to get their nutrition parcels outside the Hlomelikusasa container.

    Village health workers waiting to get their nutrition parcels outside the Hlomelikusasa container.

    Nutrition day at Hlomelikusasa happens once a month. Here’s how it goes: Nokulunga goes into town and buys the nutrition which consists of dried beans, mealie meal, sugar, semp, dried soy mince, and oil. Handing out nutrition is a two day process with a line out the door, waiting to talk to Nokulunga and tell her how many orphans & vulnerable children (OVC) they are cooking for, or how many Child Headed Families (CHF) they have (the child headed families are kids being looked after by an older sibling, & in addition to food, they also get soap, candles, and matches). Each Village Health Worker (VHW) cooks for anywhere from 5-50 kids, so the nutrition is distributed accordingly. And then they have to carry it back to whatever bus or taxi they are taking to get home—and home could be up to 60km away. If they can, they get someone from home to help them carry everything, and whatever they can’t carry they balance on top of their heads! The nutrition they are given is supposed to last for 1 month, but we have heard many accounts of it only lasting 3 weeks. There are a lot of stories of “extra kids” coming to eat the nutrition so it doesn’t stretch the month. The meals are always the same, but they are very hearty, and mixed with vegetables, if the village health workers have their own gardens, which many of them do.

    …. And speaking of nutrition… Last night I decided to make a celebratory Obama cake. Here’s the recipe, for those interested:

    First of all, look around the kitchen. What do you have? Not much? Perfect!

    I melted a candy bar w/ a tablespoon of low-fat margarine; separated 2 eggs and beat the whites until I got bored (about 45 seconds); mixed the egg yolks with some sugar, and hey, why not a little diet coke, too?; some flour (even though I decided to make a flourless cake, it seemed wrong not to put flour in); a splash of Amarulah; a pinch of ginger; and some coffee. Mix it all together, bake it just shy of smelling burnt candy throughout the house (about 45 minutes at 190c), and then voila!

    Celebratory Obama cake. Mmmm... tastes like CHANGE!

    Celebratory Obama cake. Mmmm... tastes like CHANGE!

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7 Responses to “Nutrition day at Hlom. And cake night for A&A!”

  1. andy Says:

    Mmmm. Taste we can believe in. Yes we can!

  2. molly Says:

    that cake looks awesome!! now im curious about the taste…

  3. Dad Says:

    Great account of Nutrition Day. What is mince? I only know it as something chopped fine, not as something in itself.
    The cake!Ooohhhh! looks fabuloso! And I love the idea of a flourless cake made with flour. How do you prepare your vegetarian dishes?

  4. kiki Says:

    love your shirts

  5. Val Says:

    Maybe you should publish the recipe, or just cook it for us !!!!

    The little shed where they are collecting their nutrition doesn’t look big enough to store what’s needed for the number of mouths it has to feed.

  6. Andy N Says:

    mmmm, yes you can cook an Obama cake!
    Tell me about what this mealie-stuff is… its a sustance i’ve only heard of in anthropology books.
    hope you guys are doing well/

  7. Heather Frazier Says:

    I’d never be able to make a cake like that…I screw that stuff up! lol
    Glad you’re having fun!